Friday, July 4, 2008

Chemo Session #1, Day of Chemo

Well, I'm halfway into Day 2 of Chemo 1, but I'm reluctant to report as my condition seems to change from hour to hour. But here's what I can tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday's appointment-- the day before a holiday-- took around 6 hours and we were the last ones out of there. Jas stayed with me practically the whole time, especially after hearing the long list of possible side effects that included things like "the feeling that you might poo in your pants." I'm not kidding.

Luckily none of those came to pass. It was, for the most part, boring and uneventful. And that's a seriously good thing. The nurses were lovely and paid lots of attention to me, despite the fact that my lengthy appointment encroached on their long weekend.

The hook up to the port was no fun, but not worth the $35 I found out the pain prevention creme costs. I can cowboy up for the pricks.

Mostly it was just a lot of super groggy time wasting. If I hadn't been so afraid of pooping my pants, I would have slept through most of it.

And that, honestly, remained a problem for most of the day-- the fear of falling asleep only to wake to classic chemo symptoms had me so afraid that I didn't go to bed til 3am. Most of the evening, I ate steadily (just in case I couldn't today) and was super groggy and stupid feeling. A little stumbly and my joints ached.

That's about it. Not fun, but not horrible. I'll let you know how it goes day by day.

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